Installing Windows and Media Center Setup

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Cablecard setup for new users...

Ok, Here is some directions to check to see if your machine meets the requirements for cable card.

If you do NOT have it installed, download your version here (x86 / x64)



This should tell you if you have anything to take care of before using a cablecard (HDCP, drivers, windows updates, etc)

Then you need a cable card tuner, Do a little research (there really isn't a better option), Ceton offers 4 and 6 tuner models, the Silicondust model offers 3 tuner models. There are Networkable models and Ceton offers internal PCIe tuners. They both have their perks but, they have both been around for a while, so they are all good models. Depending on your needs, wants and price.

Once you get the Tuner and install it in your computer, going to the website of the manufacture and downloading the newest drivers and firmware for it. Connect the COAX cable from Comcast to the back of the card/network adapter.

Then go to Cable Provider and request a cablecard, They are all M-type now, so that should not be a problem. SOME areas require a tuning adapter, most areas do not. Assuming you do not. In my area, with Comcast, the first cablecard is free, the 2nd is $3 a month.

When you get the cablecard home, Install it in your new cablecard tuner. At this point Media Center should prompt you, "Media Center found a cablecard would you like to set it up now?" follow the directions. If not go into TV setup, and it should find it. It will ask you in the setup menu to activate your cablecard, Call and confirm your card is activated correctly, they will ask you for numbers off your tuner, it will show on that screen as well.

Find the direct cablecard activation number here, CALL THESE NUMBERS don't call the main numbers.

After this, bring up the guide and test channels. This should work at this point. If you get stuck, reply back to the forums and someone should be able to help, one of us should be able to help- To Note, sometimes Comcast will take about 15-20 min to download your channels to your card and WMC might take 5-10 min to download the first guide (on first setup) so it might be slow when first setting it up but by 15-20 min, everything should be ready to go.

This should get you started and if you have no issues, you should be good to go, the LAST thing if TV works, is to edit channels and unselect the channels you DO NOT subscribe to settings>TV>Guide> Edit Channels.

Enjoy and feel free to ping or search here if you run into any issues or have questions !

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