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Welcome to the Windows Media Center Wiki!

The WMC Wiki is here to help you set up your media center with ease. WMC can be a fun project to set up, and will be a wonderful addition to your home media experience. From information on home theaters, networking, Media center tweaks and tricks, as well as media center add-ins, the WMC wiki is the place to visit for all your Media Center questions!

Please contribute. If you see a red link and have something useful to say about it, click it and leave some details. Or if you are reading and have an idea for a change, please add your input. This will help make this WIKI a wealth of information.

If you do in fact have some troubleshooting or other questions that still need to be answered, feel free to visit the WMC forums at

Getting Started - WIKI and Forum Guide

This section is for new comers and experts to share and learn about how to get the most out of the forums at The Green Button ( and this WIKI. Visit here to learn more about where to look for information, site etiquette, and other site information.

How To Guides and Walk Throughs

This section includes walk throughs and guides for all aspects of Media Center and related items. Visit here to get setup or to learn some of the more complex activities.

Multi-Room Viewing/Media Center Extenders

Extenders Are a Extension for Your Windows XP/Vista/7 PC. They Are Used For Multi-Room Viewing. And For Those who Don't

Know What Is An Extender, it's Like An Another Rail For WMC.

Windows Media Center Add-ins

Add-in's Are A Extension, that Can Add More Features To The WMC.

Mobile Devices


Mastering Windows Media Center

This section is for articles and information related to experienced usage scenarios and getting the most out of Media Center for this with experience.

The 29_59 Frame Rate Issue