Multi-Room Viewing/Media Center Extender


This page contains information about Windows Media Center Extender functionality as well as general multiple room viewing scenarios.

Media Center Extenders



Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 Support

Windows Media Center in Windows 10 does not natively support Extenders. A solution-of-sorts was discovered, but requires the following:

  • Windows 10 Pro (version 1511)
  • WUShowHide
  • WMC V12 (DISM Installer)
  • RDP Wrapper 1.6
  • Mcx2Prov (obtain as "mcx2prov.exe.XB360" from WMC 8.8.x, inside /bin/MediaCenter/Windows/eHome folder)
  • NTRights (obtain as ntrights.exe from from WMC 8.8.x, inside /bin folder)
  • Alternate Install.bat with added commands

Steps to Configure (WIP)

  1. Install Windows 10 Pro (version 1511), ensuring that the PC has no access to the Internet during the installation & configuration process to follow.
  2. Open Local Group Policy Editor and Navigate to Computer Configuration > Security Settings > (Need to add the path here)
  3. Connect the PC to the Internet
  4. Run WUShowHide and disable any updates named "Update for Windows 10 version 1511" & "Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 1511"
  5. Install RDP Wrapper 1.6 and configure by unticking "Single Session Per User", and selecting "No Security".
  6. Right click WMC V12 ZIP file, and open Properties. Tick "Unblock this File", save, and then extract the ZIP.
  7. If obtaining Mcx2Prov & NTRights from WMC 8.8.x, complete the same process as above to unblock the files, then extract ZIP.
  8. Copy "mcx2prov.exe.XB360" from WMC 8.8.x into WMC V12 /bin/MediaCenter folder, and "ntrights.exe" into /bin folder.
  9. Copy the alternate Install.bat file into WMC V12 /bin folder
  10. Install WMC V12
  11. Reboot PC
  12. Run WMC as Administrator
  13. Add Extender. If errors occur, retry addition again.

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Remote Streaming

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