Movie library via the web


Streaming your movie library via the web -

After you have converted your recordings into a movie library, you are able to browse and watch movies conveniently using Windows Media Center or an extender such as the Xbox 360. Sometimes, however, you might want to access your library from your notebook or some other machine instead. Although, there is no technical reason for excluding extender technology from Windows, unfortunately, that is simply the current state of affairs. A simple way to stream your movies is to share the folder containing them with Windows built-in CIFS file sharing. However, that way, your browsing experience will be limited to reading a potentially long list of file names and you will not be able to easily read and search the associated metadata. To improve the browsing experience, I have written a simple ASP.NET web application that you can run on Windows’ built-in web server, i.e. the Internet Information Server.