MCE LoveFilm



On 26th Feb, Lovefilm changed in to Amazon Instant Video. At that time, Amazon removed all api access without notice, which broke MCELoveFilm. Fortunately we have a new version now which is compatible with Amazon Prime Instant Video. We have lost the ability to manage your lists - sorry, that was out of our control. But you can stream video and now we support US too!

LoveFilm for Media Center allows you to watch streaming movies from Amazon Prime Instant Video, list, all from your Media Center PC. It is compatible with, and*.

Windows 8 - MCE LoveFilm is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you are upgrading to Windows 8, you can use your original MCELoveFilm license which was e-mailed to you when you purchased your license. Don't forget to upgrade Silverlight in Internet Explorer before playing videos.