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Reception of VHF channels in WMC Ultimate 64bit

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2023 10:10 pm
by sy_trilogy
I decided to rescan my WMC Ultimate 64bit system for channel changes and additions, Nearly all of the channels I receive through my HDHomerun Connect are clustered about 17 miles or less from my home in Tamarac. The towers are in the North Miami area. I have mounted my Mohu Sky 60 antenna on my roof. The new Mohu app does a nice job of showing broadcast tower locations. I’ve been impressed with the results of the scan with the exception of channels 10.1, the only ABC channel in my lineup (WPLGDT) and channel 7.1 (WSVNDT). while both APPEAR by their names to be digital, I think they are VHF stations. They have much worse reception now than they did before the rescan. Both show 3 – 4 yellow blocks when measuring signal strength. The other 83 stations I pull in look great!

I’ve played with the antenna without falling for two days now. I have upgraded EPG123 to its most recent version as of today. I have written to WPLGDT via a form on their website but haven't heard back from them yet. My HOA won’t allow an antenna larger than the Skye, not that anyone has complained. Most have dishes, so they leave me alone.

I manually added these two channels when they didn’t show up in EPG123 (I surmise because they are VHF channels. While they are there, they’re unwatchable most of the time. Any suggestions or information that might help me improve my reception on these two stations? ABC is all I really miss. 7 has become FOX which I don’t watch.



Re: Reception of VHF channels in WMC Ultimate 64bit

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2023 12:14 pm
by prsa01
I did some looking to try to determine the sky 60's vhf capabilities but didn't find anything conclusive. Most of these antennas are primarily uhf oriented since the vast majority of dtv stations are now uhf. I know the 1 vhf station here has always been a challenge.

I would try either joining a vhf exclusive antenna to your current antenna or getting one you can confirm does vhf well (,etc). I've had good luck with the channel master 4228 but it again is primarily a uhf antenna. There are probably better ones to confirm vhf capabilities.