HTPC vs. 3D vs. Jellyfin

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HTPC vs. 3D vs. Jellyfin


Post by Sharks » Tue Jul 05, 2022 9:02 am

Hello Everyone,

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I'm have a small dilemma on my hands of trying to have it all. I've still got a W7 Media center PC and don't plan on moving anytime soon. I am however kind of stuck as I'm trying to get my HTPC to support 4K 3D while still also supporting ServerWMC+Jellyfin.

The issue is Nvidia has dropped support for 3D from their drivers. The last driver to support 3D was: 425.31 which I installed but then discovered breaks ServerWMC+Jellyfin as HW encoding in Jellyfin no longer works, which is sort of requirement in my case as I also use this computer for transcoding files to H.265 using "software" to enable the best quality transcodes, and use NVEC for Jellyfin to stream to other devices. So then doing some reading I discovered that the 3D vision driver used to be separate from Geforce Driver. I download this driver which is "3D Vision Driver v258.96". So I've reinstalled latest NVIDIA Geforce Driver: 472.12 (This solves the ServerWMC+Jellyfin problem) and then after installing that installed on top of it "3D Vision Driver v258.96". Which minus some complaining does in fact successfully install, the issue now is that "3D Vision Section" doesn't display in the NVIDIA control panel. So after the long story has anyone else tried this and if so did you find a way to re-enable the "3D Vision" part of the NVIDIA control panel or find a CMD method to allow for 3D to be enabled?


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