Always check - bad HDHR power supply adapters

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Always check - bad HDHR power supply adapters


Post by windham9 » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:34 pm

Several times over the years I've had an HDHR still light up, connect to network, , try to tune in WMC, front channel led comes on but no picture.
power supply will show ok with a meter when disconnected from the tuner, and since the tuner lights up and tries, its easy to assume the power supply adapter is ok, and think the hdhr is bad
Dont be fooled! that power supply is just weak, not fully bad, and causes this issue. Replace it and your HDHR will be all good.
if you have 2 HDHR's , just switch power adapters to confirm.
Those power adapter wear out, but the HDHR itself is a beast.
I have several HDHR that are over 10 years old, work great.

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