YouTube videos stop playing 3/4 of the way

Chromecast in MediaCenter
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YouTube videos stop playing 3/4 of the way


Post by gabriel.tobarg » Sun May 11, 2014 1:25 am

so i bought and download mediacenter cast b7 version and by the way great beats other aiplay streaming softwares like aerodrom , air server and such...i ve tried them all but this one is the only one that feels native to the mobile device but its not a finished product by any means...i know its beta...anyways

everytime i stream a video on youtube the video stops when my iphone /ipad or what ever device is connected locks up. Which is kinda upsetting since i keep having to either touch the screen so it doesnt lock...

so is there anyway to fix this? like for example in google tv when you airplay or stream via lets say "avia" it says "so and so iphone's connected" then after like 2 min. it would say "so and so iphone disconnected" but the video is still playing. then again ( google tv owners you know what i am talking about) i dont know if this is happening just to me.

^^Update^^: now its not 3/4 of the hangs whether i keep the iphone unlocked or not ...seems to be a random freeze where the video just hangs like its loading but nothing happens both in the iphone and htpc ...i ve tried this in a new ipad mini and iphone 5 both with same results.

and also everytime i go to stream content the windows task bar is always present. my way around it is pressing alt +enter which brings it into window mode then i have to maximize it again and it goes to full screen with out the task bar. any way to fix this or just have to wait until the next release.?

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