[HOW TO] Wake On LAN

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[HOW TO] Wake On LAN


Post by Motz » Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:38 am

Wake on LAN was implemented recently on all of the My Media Center apps. This allows you to wake up your computer if your device is on the same network as your HTPC. This is nifty if you happen to put your PC to sleep and you don't want to have to walk up to it. In the future we will be implementing Wake on WAN which will allow you to wake up your PC over cellular.

I won't cover every detail in this guide. I will assume that you have some basic knowledge of Windows or the OS you are using. So with that said, on with the show.

Step 1: Enabling WoL from your BIOS
Go into your BIOS and in your Power Management settings, you will see the options for WoL and your NIC. Enable your NIC to respond to WoL "magic" packets.
** It might be called several different things. I recommend a google search for your specific mother board **

Step 2: Setup WoL in OS
For Windows, go to your NIC adapter settings, Select Configure->Advanced, to get into your NIC's WoL settings. I have a Realtek NIC and it has 3 options for WoL: Wake from magic packet, Wake on pattern match, WoL & Shutdown Link Speed. The first two you should enabled. The 3rd defaults to 10Mbps but you should be fine either way. Lastly, go into the Power Management settings and make sure all are checked. *Note: "only allow magic packet to wake the computer" will ensure only a magic packet will will wake your PC.
Step 3: Find MAC Address
This step will be done automatically in the future, however currently you will need to find your MAC address and enter it manually into the My Media Center Apps.
Open a command prompt and type: "arp -a"
Correlate your IP to the MAC address. You can also type in "ipconfig /all" and find your network adapter and the mac address.

Step 4: Configure My Media Center App
Inside of each app you will need to edit the specific PC and add the MAC Address. First head to the "Select PC" page in the app.

Android: Long Press on a PC and tap "Wake on LAN"
iOS: Hit the Blue indicator next to the PC to edit it's details and scroll to the bottom
Windows Phone: Long Press on a PC and hit "Edit PC"
Windows 8: Select a PC then hit Edit

In each app there is a test that you use to see if it working.

Step 5: Auto WoL
Now once you have it configured it will only send WoL if you go in to the PC settings and hit "Send WoL", however you might want it to send it when you connect. To Do this inside of the corresponding app you will want to go into settings and Enable "Auto WoL" which will send it every time you connect to the PC.

Android: Settings->Advanced-> Auto WoL
iOS: Settings->Auto WoL
Windows Phone: Settings -> Misc -> WoL when connecting
Windows 8: Settings -> Options -> WoL when connecting

Note that your PC might take longer to wake up than the time out of the app, so you will want to try to connect again if it fails to connect.
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