[HOW TO] Local Movie Files + Metadata

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[HOW TO] Local Movie Files + Metadata


Post by Motz » Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:19 am

**Currently we only support Movie metadata files that we generate ourselves. We are actively working on integration with other WMC apps such as My Movies & MediaBrowser**

This is a quick guide on how to your movie files for YAMMM to automatically pull metadata for you. We have an entire Setup Guide as well.

Adding Folders
While the My Media Center Services will automatically add all of your recorded television episodes and movies to your galleries inside of the My Media Center app, you might also have additional local files that you would like to be included as well. If this is the case then follow these steps:
  • Launch the My Media Center Config (in Windows: Start / All Programs / Ceton / My Media Center Config)
  • Select Library
  • Select Movies
  • Select Add folder
  • Select the base or parent folder where all of your Movies or Television files are located, such as in this example “C:\Users\Motz\Desktop\Movies”.
  • Repeat the above steps as needed to add another library
For correct metadata (details and artwork) to be collected we require a specific structure where each movie is located in a subfolder under the parent folder, as you can see above. If any of your folders are located on a remote share (for example network attached storage or home server) you can specify the username and password to access these folders under Advanced / Network.

**If you are storing your files on a remote share which is Windows 8 you might need to create a local user account and use those credentials**

Adjusting Metadata
My Media Center Services will attempt to locate metadata for a movie based on the name of the folder that you create inside of your Movie Library folders. There are complex algorithms in place to automatically detect the movie based on the file name you specify. However, there is a wide variety of naming structured used by people and this is not always 100% accurate.

If My Media Center isn’t correctly identifying metadata for the naming structure you have, we recommended naming your folders in the following way:

  • Locate the movie on www.TheMovieDB.org, which is the source we use for metadata.
  • Copy and paste the full name found on TheMovieDB as the folder name. In the example below the movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. The colon (“:”) is not valid in a folder name and is automatically removed, yet My Media Center is still able todetect the correct movie.
If for some reason this still does not work, you can add a special tag to the end of the folder name
o Append a tag with the IMDB, i.e. Movie Title [imdb=tt0892769]
o Append a tag with the TMDB, i.e. Movie Title [tmdb=13550]

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