NizZ8's HT setup

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NizZ8's HT setup


Post by NizZ8 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:40 pm

Pix are a bit older but setup is generally the same ... 949759008/ ... 748063494/

Some changes:
-Swapped 47" tv in living room w/ vizio 65" passive 3d. Moved the 47" to the bedroom.
-swapped out linksys dma w/ xbox for extender in bedroom
-rebuilt media storage box w/ new innards (mobo/CPU/etc...) and have 7x 1tb in raid 5
-shut down old water-cooled gaming rig. ( to be rebuilt w/ new innards at some point).
-getting rid of ATI DCT's when the hdhomerun prime shows up!

Think that's it for now :)

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