TV Setup Cannot Continue - WMC Setup Issue

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TV Setup Cannot Continue - WMC Setup Issue


Post by waggini3 » Tue Jul 09, 2024 3:02 pm

Hi folks,

Spectrum remotely tweaked my CableCard setup (Tuner Adapter config. went AWOL and they cannot get it working (even with a new TA)) a few weeks back. This also seemed to upset EPG123, basically half my 600 or so channels went away and the weekly update kept failing. Long story short my WMC setup on my Win7 PC got blowed up or corrupted or something.

Have been trying to do the TV Setup on WMC but every time I try it I get the message 'TV Setup Cannot Continue - TV Setup has encountered a serious problem. Select Finish to exit, then try again. If this problem persists, restart Windows Media Center or the computer.'

Of course the problem persists no matter what I do.

I powered down the CableCard holder (SiliconDust HD Prime tuner) and just tried setting up the just OTA signal via a SiliconDust Connect Quatro tuner but got the same result.

I've seen some fixes out there that require accessing the Registry to make changes or disabling/renabling WMC for a clean start but would really like to know if other folks have resolved the TV Setup Cannot Continue issue and can offer a fix.

My equipment/service
Windows 7 Ultimate OS
SiliconDust HD Prime Tuner for the (Spectrum supplied) Motorola CableCard
SiliconDust HD Connect Quatro Tuner for OTA channels
Motorola Tuner Adapter (Spectrum Supplied)
Spectrum services: CableTV, Internet, Phone (landline)

In the meantime I'm running the SiliconDust HomeRun app. with the SiliconDust DVR service on a Windows 10 PC and getting by but it's not the same as a legacy Win7 WMC setup!

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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