Advanced Tab Ceton Diagnostics Tool - Windows Away Mode

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Advanced Tab Ceton Diagnostics Tool - Windows Away Mode


Post by Bee_Dee_3_Dee » Sun Aug 14, 2022 10:02 am

(Using Win7)

Going on three days ago I decided to Enable the "Windows Away Mode" option on the Advanced Tab of the Ceton Diagnostics Tool.

I did so because I was diagnosing a plethora of things. And u know what(?) it made a big difference. Helped enormously.

1. No longer -- for sake of successfully Tuning both Non-Copyright Protected and Copyright Protected channels -- do I have to stop then re-start WMC Recorder Service each and every time after Restarting or Shutting Down and Starting Cold. :)

2. And I was able to repair PlayReady pretty easily too -- using PlayReadyPC_x64.msi (v1.30).

A. Opened PlayReadyPC_x64.msi (v1.30).
B. It uninstalled the current version.
C. Opened it again and it installed v1.30.
D. Restarted the PC.

1. Extenders (Xbox360) started acting up (due to Enabling the "Windows Away Mode" option on the Advanced Tab of the Ceton Diagnostics Tool) which is what led to successfully fixing PlayReady. So it's not rally a con. :) Just listing it as one because it was obviously what started the Extenders to start acting-up.

So I don't know, if ppl other than myself, have ever disabled then later on re-enabled "Windows Away Mode" option on the Advanced Tab of the Ceton Diagnostics Tool. I just wanted to mention it here in case it helps anyone else.

Just remember, never fool around without first making a Full Backup Image of your OS Drive. And only do so if it's totally necessary.


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Post by DSperber » Sun Aug 21, 2022 4:41 am

Personally, I have never experimented with "Windows Away Mode" for any reason. I just looked at the text of its description in the Advanced tab to see what it would have applicability to (having nothing to do with "anoamalies" or issues I might be fighting) where it might be the "normal answer".

It probably would be useful in order to respond to your request for our own experiences if you could talk more about what "plethora of things" you were diagnosing. Also, a bit of detail about your setup including Ceton InfiniTV PCIe or ETH as well as what your extender(s) are, what Ceton BIOS firmware and driver version, your cable provider, whether or not your provider utilizes SDV so that you do or do not also use a Digital Tuning Adapter (i.e. DTA, coax connected to Ceton either (a) "in series", or "in parallel" through a splitter) that must be "paired" with your cablecard, etc. Whatever makes your own setup your own, knowing that here would be helpful to us.

I've been running WMC with both Ceton InifinitTV (and with DTA for the past four years, since TWC -> Spectrum went with SDV for delivery of a large portion of their channels) and haven't had any "issues" where any change of behavior for either WMC or the Ceton (e.g. "windows away mode") seemed needed. My only problems are related to the DTA (most likely because of my PC and the apparently flaky USB connection to the DTA, as the almost certain source of the problem).

I've developed my own now 100% reliable "recipe" of steps that must be performed in order to recover from a "disabled" DTA and bring it back to "ready", which takes no more than 5 minutes most of the time. Sometimes it might take up to an hour (through repeated attempts to kick-start things back to normal). But none of these steps involve using Ceton Diagnostics Utility for any reason.

Anyway I'd be curious to hear what your "plethora of things" you are addressing, and/or how you use WMC such that "Windows away mode" and its somewhat altered behavior makes sense vs. how you normally run things and why that behavior is unacceptable.

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