WTB DVB-C tuner with DVB-T/S emulation

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WTB DVB-C tuner with DVB-T/S emulation


Post by ladykazik » Tue Nov 30, 2021 3:42 pm

Hi, since not long ago the only TV signal I am able to receive is DVB-C (digital cable). I am an owner of TBS5520SE, although there is no option of using it with WMC. It does work using DVBLink TVsource, but the company is shut down since a year and I'm unable to purchase a license after the trial period. I need to work it out somehow though.
I need to buy DVBLink license (which is impossible to do) or the tuner with the driver that can emulate DVB-T or DVB-S. Every TBS model which does exactly that is discontinued and absolutely impossible to find. Anysee E30c as well. DVBSky models as well. I'm in Europe.
Y'all the only hope for me.

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