Using WMC in Windows 10 Pro with Hyper-V

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Using WMC in Windows 10 Pro with Hyper-V


Post by DjFourmoney » Wed Dec 16, 2020 8:53 am

I have a couple of ideas in my head and Reddit hasn't really been any help and had to find some answers myself.

Instead of doing a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit and then reconfiguring Media Center, Programs, Cablecard verification, etc just to use a 8GB stick of memory seems like lots of work.

I have Windows 10 Pro I got from one of two used machines I bought recently but not using it currently (it has OMV on it actually), so I can install that, see all the memory and use Hyper-V to turn my current build of WMC into VM. Seems all I would have to do is build a virtual machine and then do a bare metal restore using WHS 2011 flash drive and load the latest backup to the VM.

I would use the VM as my main computer it's just now a VM especially since Windows 10 doesn't have WMC anymore and have no interest in the workarounds. I am the only one in the house now so instead of building up another HTPC, I thought about giving the cable box back (I took the other four back already) and use a Xbox 360 in the living room.

Finally I wanted to virtualize WHS 2011 and I saw a thread where somebody has run WHS 2011 in a VM inside Windows 8.1 Pro Windows Media Center via Hyper-V. That seems ideal and easier than my other idea which was to use a type-1 hypervisor, run a WHS 2011 VM on that and deal with 3.3TB of Client Backups and Media on external drives. I wanted to move the client backup and media folders to a NAS and I found a program that will make space on the NAS iSCSI drives which the NAS (Zyxel) supports.

Am I crazy for either one of these?

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