Verizon Fios cablecard problem. System Upgrade?

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Verizon Fios cablecard problem. System Upgrade?

Post#1 » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:19 pm

From Verizon's FAQ:

Why has the TV or other device connected to my CableCARD suddenly lost access to certain FiOS channels?

To continue to enhance and maintain the FiOS TV network, Verizon occasionally launches a maintenance release or network upgrade which could impact your access to certain channels via a CableCARD connected device. 

1/29/2016. Was watching shows on my HTPC last night, while taping others. At 10:30 ET an error message popped up on 1 recording: No TV signal on this channel.

I rebooted, but then discovered I could no longer get CNN, TNT, TCM, etc. Other stations (SD or HD) were fine, including HBO, SHO, etc. Just got the ubiquitous: You must have a Subscription to watch this channel message on all the missing channels.

Spent 2 hrs with Verizon tech this morning, deactivating/reactivating the card to no avail. Clearly the card is fine.

However, I remember when this happened a few years ago. Turned out to be a system update with some wonky code lines that only affected the cards, not boxes. Took them days to fix because the phone techies don't have a script for that, and because there are so few cablecard renters compared to box owners, that it took days for similar complaints to trickle in.

Is anyone else having missing channels on their VF card? Can't be just me.

One last weirdness: at about the same moment this started, I got an email from V saying that to reward me for being such a loyal customer, they had just added SHO to my package till 4/31 for free. Without asking me first, of course. Although I had tech remove it this morning, it didn't fix the problem so maybe it was just a coincidence. =sigh=
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