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Re: Introducing EPG123

Post by Einstien » Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:20 am

Long time greenbutton reader, now a new member.
Thanks for a great great product!!! I had been looking at it for about a year, and when my old WMC HTPC recently crashed and burned, I decided to build a whole new machine and roll up my sleeves and give EPG123 a go. Well, after trying it out myself, I installed it on my parents WMC HTPC and my sisters WMC HTPC. I made a well deserved donation.
I deviated a bit from the installation manual however on page 13, where it states adding OTA channels via WMC Tasks->settings, and instead used your channel guide tool. I added the channels and then matched them on the right hand 'guide data' pane to get the subscribed data. It was a lengthy process but with the Silicondust OTA tuner software and your guide tool I was able to match all virtual to physical scanned channels. I even enabled the channels that have no guide data using your guide tool, since I, like youself said, I want it all.
The "Tweak WMC" is a really cool feature. My parents needed larger fonts!
One question I have never found an answer to though, even in registry settings, and I thought maybe you could help. Is there a way to lengthen the mini guide timeout. It times out too soon. I've never found a way to change that.
You saved WMC! Thanks for breathing new life into WMC and making it fun again.
We use Roku to get the On Demand shows, and have noticed that star ratings are not on the cable provider's guide, you do not get star ratings from Roku, you do not get star ratings using ON Demand, you don't even get them when you go to the individual networks. Star ratings is an extrmelely attractive feature. I gave my family the nickle tour of your gallery before installing it for them, and showed them your posting 'Introduction to EPG' in the forum as I find it very interesting. It is a remarkable feat to bring together all the resources you used and bring them together into an easy WMC import process. I am very impressed. I actually now just bought some "backup tuners" for all of us, just in case ours fail, now that WMC is so good gain! Wow!!! (Sorry for being so long.)


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Post by cmal » Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:18 pm

I'm using epg123 now for 1-2 years and am very satisfied with it, thanks !

today I have a feature request :
many series are broadcast nowadays not sequential but typically old seasons are broadcast in parallel with the newest one; sometimes several channels are broadcasting the same series...

since epg123 can backup and restore recording schedules, I assume it could also "inject" new recordings; on the other hand it provides the series meta data (s00e00);
would it be possible to combine both capabilities to provide the option to look for and record "missing episodes" of a series?
record: s02e05
record: < s03e10
record: > s05e00

that would be very handy; I'm checking the specs of "Typecast" at the moment; it seems to be very close; but it doubles the infrastructure of epg123 (e.g. second download of SchedulesDirect) and seems to require to enable the "regular WMC epg" which would contradict the epg123 policy...

Thanks again


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Post by adam1991 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:38 am

All I can say is, pray for cataracts that rise to the level of getting rid of them. Then you'll get new lenses, and your entire world will change for the better.

Best $7K out of pocket I've ever spent.


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Post by DSperber » Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:57 pm

garyan2 wrote:
Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:25 am
Just me adding some more features. This is a preview of what is going in the client tool to tweak WMC.

I got the code setup to be able to dynamically adjust the font sizes to fit in any number of rows. Right now I am using a slider bar to range from 7 to 20 rows, though I have gone up to more rows without problems.
Which brings up again the request I'd made about seeing if it were possible for you install the actual name of the "favorites" list (or "ALL") that was being displayed, somewhere on the available real estate that you have control over.

If you recall, you'd mentioned that this will happen automatically with standard WMC and MyChannelLogos and EPG123 WMC tweaks if I reduced the number of rows I was showing from 10 to 9 (or fewer, presumably). And that was good enough for me. Allowed me to use a slightly larger font anyway, which improved visibility, and also get my favorites list name appearing again. But you newest screenshots where you're trying to maximize available space for Guide data, looks like there's no room left for the favoirtes name, of ALL.

So if you could just insert it manually yourself, tucked in some corner or area where there is nothing else possible and even with a smaller font (than regular giant normally used by WMC), that would be spiffy.

P.S. - seems the issue with "no text in the various Windows which are part of the nightly EPG123 update process" problem has now disappeared. Is this due to something you've now finally done in 1.2.11 to deal with "scaled text", e.g. 125%? Or is this just due to something in Windows or nVidia drivers dealing with font scaling in Win7? We had this discussion a while back, as I had two monitors (one 2560x1440 at 125% and the other 1920x1200 at 125%) and was seeing no text from EPG123's windows. Well now the text is always present.

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