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Custom Import Request


Post by KarterJK » Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:03 pm

Gary thanks for looking

Is it possible to add an import guide function to the server side, where you select Line up, save & execute
it has select all but it would be nice to be able to import your channel

I have over 800 channels but only watch about 300, it is a nightmare if I actually had to deselect all unwanted

thanks for looking at me

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Post by garyan2 » Tue Sep 15, 2020 2:42 pm

You just need to save the epg123.cfg file somewhere to keep all your currently selected stations for download.

Code: Select all

  <StationID CallSign="KVOADT" HDOverride="false" SDOverride="false">42676</StationID>
  <StationID CallSign="K04QPD" HDOverride="false" SDOverride="false">-65913</StationID>
  <StationID CallSign="KVOADT2" HDOverride="false" SDOverride="false">81351</StationID>
  <StationID CallSign="K04QPD2" HDOverride="false" SDOverride="false">-100702</StationID>
  <StationID CallSign="KVOADT3" HDOverride="false" SDOverride="false">100105</StationID>
  <StationID CallSign="K04QPD3" HDOverride="false" SDOverride="false">-100703</StationID>
  <StationID CallSign="KVOADT4" HDOverride="false" SDOverride="false">112508</StationID>
  <StationID CallSign="K04QPD4" HDOverride="false" SDOverride="false">-112589</StationID>
If the station number is negative, then that is deselected. Anything positive is selected for download.
- Gary
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