Location of MXF File? Client/Server Relationship???

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Location of MXF File? Client/Server Relationship???


Post by Steveo369 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 4:31 am

I am using two WMC machines on the same network.

I installed EPG123 on my 'main' machine and successfully set it up. I kind of understand the Server vs Full Mode, but perhaps not.

Now I am trying to understand how to configure EPG123 on the main machine and install and set up my 'second' machine correctly. My intention is to have the main machine be running "Full" behavior, as this unit would function as the guide listing server, and run WMC, obtaining the guide listings as a client to itself, but also make the MXF file available for retrieval by the second machine.

I cannot understand how to have the main machine write the MXF file to a folder of my choice (on the main machine) which is accessible/shared over my home network to the second machine.
Is there any way to configure/customize the folder location where the Server will write the MXF file?
Is the default location (C:\ProgramData\GaRyan2\epg123\output\epg123.mxf) the only available (and correct) location? Must I additionally share this folder to my home network?

Note, the actual default folder location listed above doesn't appear to be mentioned anywhere in the setup guide, and the C:\ProgramData folder is a hidden system folder by default. I think a bit more clarity on this issue in the Installation/Final Step page is needed. There are multiple references to the MXF file in the 'Server' section, but nowhere does it actually say where the program writes this file! I ran a search on *.mxf, and am assuming that the file C:\ProgramData\GaRyan2\epg123\output\epg123.mxf is the correct file!

The Server Mode instructions go so far as to say "The location of the MXF file must be accessible to any clients." but stops short of any information about where that location is.

Am I missing something here? I suppose I could set up both my main and second machines as individual units, both running Full configuration with a staggered download and update schedule, but it appears that EPG123 does try to avoid this situation and (may) provide the tools to have my second pull info from the main, avoiding extra downloads against Schedules Direct and conflict....

This is a wonderful program to keep WMC moving along. I've seen multiple forum references to EPG123 and Schedules Direct over the years, but the MS guide data (even under Rovi) was adequate for my needs. With 2020 deprecation of guide data coming up, trying to eek another few years out of the system before (probably) cutting the cord completely.

Thanks for all the efforts on this program!

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Post by garyan2 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:13 am

You understand the Server vs Full Mode perfectly and the gaps in the instructions concerning how to do it.

There is no current method to direct where the MXF file will be saved, so it will always be in the \output folder. Unfortunately, it is not that simple to describe to the reader sometimes. It is all dependent on where epg123 was installed. If epg123 is installed in a Program Files folder, then the \output folder is C:\ProgramData\GaRyan2\epg123\output; but if it was installed anywhere else it will be the \output subfolder of whatever the install folder was. Portable versions can be placed anywhere and will follow the latter \output structure. That being said, assuming a typical install with default location, I agree that it needs to be explicitly stated in the guide.

So what are your options?
1. Share the C:\ProgramData\GaRyan2\epg123\output folder to the network for your client to import, or
2. Modify the scheduled task to add a copy/move action to move the epg123.mxf file to a different folder that will have to be accessible on the network.
  • Action 1: epg123.exe -update
  • Action 2: move.exe /y c:\programdata\garyan2\epg123\output\epg123.mxf [new destination]
  • Action 3: epg123Client.exe -i [new destination]\epg123.mxf
Alternatively, action 2 could just be a copy and you won't have to edit action 3 for the import.

The website is currently missing quite a few things after I basically started over from scratch a couple weeks ago, but even the old site and the PDF file weren't adequate to cover every possible use and challenge. I am still working on the site as I can but updates might be slow over the next couple weeks due to work/home/travel. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I can consider and prioritize appropriately.

Thanks for the feedback.
- Gary
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Post by Steveo369 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 3:15 am

Excellent, thank you so much for the response.

I ran out of time last night to experiment, but was able to share the default output folder and setup my second machine as a client.

Honestly, the bulk of the instructions and the program are generally so well done, it was really frustrating to find that gap! Even listing the default name of the MXF file would have given me confidence I was heading in the right direction. You're on track; a simple paragraph about output file locations and name as related to default/custom/portable install selection would help a lot!

My only other feedback - The Client-only install isn't quite as polished or documented as the Full/Server install. Items I noted:
  • No button to automatically run the task to 'fetch' from the server (have to go to Task Scheduler and run it) because the EPG123 Configuration app doesn't exist, there is no "Save & Execute" Button.
  • Have to press the "Match by" Number or Call Sign to populate the left side of the Client Guide Tool. When I performed the Full Install on my main machine, this was automagically populated. Also note, the "Number" and "Call Sign" buttons could 'pop' a bit more graphically; it took me awhile to understand that they were buttons...
I'm all set now, things appear to be working great. Thanks again for the wonderful tool and documentation. Very polished. Donation coming your way.

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