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Changes in 95128 lineup

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 4:51 pm
by sehartley

A rescan of channels in San Jose CA (bay area - Oakland, SanFran, San Jose) created a lot of realignments and some new channels. I've been using the EPG supplied channel list for 95128 since it is the most complete and accurate. However at least 4 channels need to be added to the list:

Virtual Transmtr repack
Channel channel channel
22.1 23.1 5.1 KRCB PBS Cotati Sonoma Mtn. 299 2068 H
22.2 23.2 5.2 PBS Create
22.3 23.3 5.3 NHK World H

Yes, we easily get 22.1,22.2,22.3 in San Jose.

And one new one NewsNet
24.7 11.8 ? repack unknown

How does the update of the 95128 epg channel list happen? :crazy: Do I need to contact Schedule Direct?


Re: Changes in 95128 lineup

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 1:31 pm
by StinkyImp
When realignments and channel additions have happened in my area I first go to Schedules Direct to see if my physically scanned lineup agrees to theirs. If it doesn't, I report the lineup problems and they fix it. It's been my experience that they're very responsive.

Log into your Schedules Direct account and do the following:
  • Click on "Add a new lineup"
  • Put in your zip code and click "Next"
  • Click on the "Preview Lineup" link for your Local Antenna listing
If you see that the channels are incorrectly listed or they're missing, report the correct information to them using the "Report Lineup Problems" in your account overview area.