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Thanks and Gratitude


Post by Sammy2 » Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:17 pm

First off I want to thank @garyan2 for building epg123 to clean up the WMC Guide, what is it, three years ago now? THANK YOU!

Due to issues with trying to support some 8 to 10 extenders on my network and them constantly and consistently needing to reconnect to the network along with selling my Primes, leaving CableCARD behind and going with Quatros for OTA combined with using live streaming services such as Philo, YouTubeTV and until recently PremiumTV (still active for me for another couple of weeks) I have left the legacy of WMC behind. It has been a great run and it is still by far the best DVR out there 10 plus years on. Microsoft had a diamond that they could have expanded to integrate with streaming but chose to go the other way and that is too bad.

I now use Emby for my OTA DVR and with the demise of PremiumTV will be going back to my legacy $35 YTTV and $20 Philo with no taxes, saving over $50 a month on CableTV costs which gives me less than a year left to recoup the cost of procuring a batch of ShieldTV's to put it on 11 screens in my house and out on my back patio.

Anyhow it is an end of an era for me as I didn't renew my Schedules Direct subscription last week because Emby includes it now and it is fully integrated.

Gary!! Kudos to you and thank you very much!

To the rest of the GreenButton Crew, Thank you as well as this forum has been a great source of information over the past many years!

I'll check in from time to time but not too often. You'll see me over on the Emby Forums, AVSForums and on SiliconDust Forums as well..

It's been a good run and a fun time for all..

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