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Custom Lineup tips

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:08 pm
by Kick4U
Hello ALL!

Thank you garyan2 for an amazing program! It's really takes MCE to another level.

I've begun using the customlinup.xml to consolidate multiple lineups and find it much easier than switching between different tabs. I found a little trouble in using the '&' sign and realized that I needed to use the special HTML entity.
For example to include A&E Network HD (Pacific), you need to use the HTML entity & in place of the &:

Code: Select all

    <station number="1402" subnumber="0" callsign="AETVHDP" name="A&amp;E Network HD (Pacific)" alternate="21760">57439</station>
Here is a link to many characters that can be used with the HTML entity. ... ecial.html

Hope this helps anyone in the future!