EPG123V18 Client exits with Automatch on

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Re: EPG123V18 Client exits with Automatch on

Post#41 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:43 pm

Seen this twice now Using Teak WMC
Click button to remove all Logos, then click Default to get text right
Error box with Error 110 appears , but then another box to say returned to defaults - all looks ok
Just thought I'd let you know about the 110 error message
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Post#42 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:38 pm

Ok main 'TV' done including scanning all the individual relevant transponders - sigh.
Everything seems to have gone as it should.
The pesky channel duplicates 101 -109 where S & T use the same numbers, I have now re-numbered (Custom numbered) the S channels to 9*** using the client - so I can find them at the end (or top) of the guide.
Lastly used Task manager and clicked on task and ran it - seems to have completed cleanly 0x0
Will do last 'TV' in the morning (it's T only) as I'm off to bed - we're having a gale here.
More in the morning
Gary - big thanks for steering me through this and being so responsive online, if V19 includes all the fixes we've covered and includes the 'recordings restore' it will be a further big step forward.
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Post#43 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:41 pm

All 3 'TV's done and working as they should.
Overnight 'Tasks' run properly.
Haven't used 'Automatch' because this WMC 'switch' doesn't understand the difference between T and S channels.
Instead as Gary suggested, I used the client to do the following:-
1 Unselect all guide matches
2 Select all T channels and T guide entries click 'number' to match
3 Select all S channels and S guide entries click 'number' to match

Now you might think that the above 3 steps could be automated in a job and called 'Intellmatch' and called as the last part of the 'Save & Execute'/Task Schedule' job.
Selectable from the bottom left corner of the main exe page; or something around this.
Just a thought ............

Once again Gary terrific work - thank you - I'll test one machine again when V19 appears.
Happy New Year to all.
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