Channels disappeard, where is the data held?

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Channels disappeard, where is the data held?

Post#1 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:31 am

I've had a similar situation to the thread by @nairnmonster
As in, I've had a load of channels disappear from the guide, and not simply disabled. I use Guide Tool to map line ups to channels, and the channels were no longer viewable in here. (which I have had happen before, prior to using EPG123 and resulted in wiping the database and re-doing all the channels again).

Issue first started after I had been looking through EPG123 (version 1.1.17 installed) trying to find a regional listing for ITV HD. I was loading different lineups into EPG123. (since re-reading the pdf guide I've realised there is a limit to how many lineups SD will allow you to access in a 24 hour period. Maybe this is what has caused my issues).
The next scheduled task ran overnight and after that the channels were missing.

Last time I re-mapped all of the channels I created a Windows Image Backup, so I loaded this thinking it would prevent having to re-map everything again.
Restore worked well. All channels listed in the guide.
EPG123 had reverted back to 1.0.2. which was the version installed at the time
Without changing anything else in EPG123 gui, selected to 'Save & Execute'. Once this completed I checked the guide once more and exactly the same channels were missing.
Ran the System Image restore again, after deleting the C:\EPG123 folder, thinking perhaps some file had not been overwritten correctly.
Ran EPG123 and the same channels disappeared.

So, something I did within EPG123 was causing this issue.

Is it because the SD account holds all of the data and EPG123 is simply connecting to it and pulling the data down? Therefore pulling down the incorrect settings every time.
I understand the beta of 1.1.18 contains a backup and restore feature. Would this prevent this scenario from happening? As it seems though the issue is contained with the SD account and EPG123 is pulling it down each time. Because the restored folder of EPG123 still resulted in the same channels missing.

I have had to clear the database and start from scratch. Not a great situation, but now thinking about the future and if this kind of thing can be prevented.
I'm hopeful that the 1.1.18 backup and subsequent restore will avoid this scenario.
As it seems a Windows Image Backup does not.

Garyan, if you could shed any light on this I'd be grateful.
& sorry for the lengthy post, hope it all makes sense.
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Post#2 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:57 pm

I'm just going to shoot off a quick response and maybe send more detail later.

It sounds to me like the reason those specific channels disappeared was due to you changing the lineup in your account. The only thing SD holds on their server is the lineup(s) you have subscribed to. The stations disappeared because you changed your lineup and those particular stations were not included in the new lineup(s). When you restored your previous backup, if your lineup was restored to the original, then it would probably have worked on the Save&Execute.

The Backup and Restore will definitely help in recovering from something like this, but it won't prevent something like this from happening if you change/remove lineups in your account.
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Post#3 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:36 pm

Thanks for the reply.

Obviously I have caused this issue by messing with the lineups. I still don't fully understand why it happened as the channels that were lost were definitely still selected in the chosen lineups.
But not to dwell on why it happened. It happened. I will move forward and learn from it.

I look forward to 1.1.18 being completed and creating a backup of the channels & lineups. That was the only reason I created a Windows system image in the first place. So if this functionality will be able to restore the channel line up in the future I'll be more than happy.
I have tried Guide Tools backup and restore feature in the past which was not successful.

Thanks for a great solution already, and your continued development!

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