Initial setup Cable Card and OTA?

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Initial setup Cable Card and OTA?

Post#1 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:54 pm

I admit I need to read the installation instructions more, and maybe I am over thinking this. But what do I need to consider and pay attention to as I change and set up epg123 for my system with an OTA HDHomeRun Dual (HDHR3-US) and a HDHomeRun Prime (HDHR3-CC) for Comcast? I always feel uneasy until I really understand what I am doing or at least feel confident I am doing the right thing. :crazy:

I noticed in the installation Video that; Examining TV Signals you canceled out of, and for the TV Signal Type you picked OTA (I cann't remember but can I pick both ?), and lastly when TV Channel Scan why cancel out of this as well.

Regarding the SD will I have two Lineups, one for Comcast and another for the OTA?

thanks for the help
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Post#2 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:04 pm

You won't have any problems setting up with the OTA and the CC. Just step though the normal process and denying the program terms to get a clean slate.

In the video, I take some shortcuts because I can. I cancelled the 'Examining TV Signals' so that I could manually identify the hardware and medium. Otherwise, WMC can take a long time querying and tuning the adapters to discover if they are OTA, Cable, Satellite, etc .... You can let it proceed normally without having to do anything.

I cancelled the Channel Scan for pretty much the same reason. I only get the 42 channels OTA, so scanning the rest of the UHF frequencies would be a waste of time. I just cut It short. You, on the other hand, will want to let it continue until you get 10000+ channels (the 9,999 channels for CC plus whatever you get OTA).

For SD, you will subscribe to the 2 lineups and are allowed up to 4, so you are good there as well.
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