WMC 8.8.5 keeps rebuilding its database

Discussion of getting WMC to work on Windows 10 (unsupported)
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WMC 8.8.5 keeps rebuilding its database


Post by KinCF » Fri Mar 04, 2022 1:08 am

After sticking with Win 7 on my WMC computer for many years, finally decided to upgrade it to Win 10 at the start of the year.

Everything went well, except for one problem: Once in a while (about every 3rd-5th time) when I enter WMC it seems to rebuild its database. Some of the shows are there immediately, but then the others slowly show up over about 15 seconds or so. (Note that all recordings are on the same HD.)

That by itself wouldn’t be that bad. But when that happens, WMC loses track of anything I had been playing. So instead of ‘Resume’, it shows ‘Play’. And that is very annoying.

Any ideas on what might be wrong, and/or what I can try to fix this?


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