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WMC freezing on live TV

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:08 pm
by caliskier

I have WMC on Windows 10 and I have been having an issue where it freezes randomly when you change the channel. It will let me change the channel a few times but within a min or so it freezes. If I just bring it up and have it on the channel I start with it seems to be stable. EDIT: This just proved it to be not true. It crashed on the channel I had it on that I started on. Anything anyone know about these freezing issues? Also crashed when I tried to use search on the music app the other day.

Any thoughts?

Re: WMC freezing on live TV

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:26 am
by caliskier
This seams to have fixed it. Thanks IT Troll. viewtopic.php?p=141035#p141035