WMC, STB, IR Blaster - my first try (unsuccesfull :()

Discussion of getting WMC to work on Windows 10 (unsupported)
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WMC, STB, IR Blaster - my first try (unsuccesfull :()


Post by Speedy » Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:47 pm


Today I try first time to connect WMC with cable TV set top box, but unfortunately without success. Probably I don’t fully understand how to do it. Maybe someone could help me?

My hardware is:
- TV Tuner: Hauppauge HVR-2200 (Internal, PCI-e, version without IR mini-jack socket)
- IR Blaster: Pinnacle, from Hauppauge UK Webstore
- STB: Sagemcom UHD-88 (from Orange cable TV & Internet provider)

I’ve connected IR Blaster to the USB in computer, connected the IR emitter cable to the one of jack sockets in the Blaster, put the emitter face to the STB etc. STB is connected to the tuner by S-video cable (+RCA -> audio jack). With Hauppauge WinTV 8 (now Win TV 10) all work perfectly.

My Windows 10 is last Insider compilation (Build 19640). WMC is WMC-V13_x64 from technodevote. I’ve installed it as usual: uninstall before Windows update, reinstall after, then with WMC Tools (also from technodevote) replace MSVidctrl.dll in system and reinstate MSSQLLite (options 4 and A). WMC run OK, I set the TV signal also as usual (DVB-T Aerial, without STB), and also set FM Radio channels. Everything works OK. Except of mp3 music playing, because from one of April Win compilations WMC stopped playing music from the Music Library. But I’m using WMC mainly for TV and FM Radio (of course it would be nice to be able to restore full functionality, anyway).

Then I connect IR Blaster, IR emitter etc. as I said previously. And try to set up TV signal as Cable, with STB. WMC show the usual page where the signal source can be chosen: S-Video, Composite etc. and detect automatically S-Video and shows video (TV picture) from STB in small window. But when I press NEXT button, I’ve got as usual error message “No IR Device detected”.

However I found in internet an strange advice: in case of such situation put anything with the jack connector – e.g. earphones jack – into the empty jack socket in IR Blaster. Sounds stupid, but for me worked perfectly. I’ve connected earphones jack to the IR Blaster next to the IR emitter and repeat all steps described previously. Press NEXT – and WMC move to next stage 😊

WMC shows page with info that STB must be identified (OK, I do it), then ask me if I need to configure STB automatically, choose it from list or configure manually. I’ve choose automatic configuration. WMC shows info that the STB remote must be configured. Then ask me to point STB remote on IR Blaster then press and hold “0” button on STB remote. After some seconds WMC set my STB to the 0 channel (!). Then shows info that STB remote was identified successfully and now I need WMC remote.

On the next page WMS ask me if the highest channel number on my STB is 2-, 3- or 4-digits (in Sagemcom UHD-88 it is 3-digits). Next question is which way I can input the channel number: by simply press the number buttons or by press the number and confirm it with OK/Enter (In Sagemcom it’s the first option).

On next page WMC show again a small window with TV picture from STB and ask me to change the channel with WMC remote and confirm if it’s possible. It works! I can change the STB channels with WMC remote and confirm it. In next step WMC ask me to change channel with channel-up/-down button at least six times to detect the IR connection speed. It also works and I confirm it. On next page WHM shows info that IR connection speed Is high.

When I press NEXT… well, WMC bring me back to the page where the signal source can be chosen: S-Video, Composite etc. and detect automatically S-Video and as previously shows video (TV picture) from STB in small window. I thought WMC try to set up an “second STB” by “IR emitter” that is actually earphones jack. So I repeat all next steps as previously, falsely conformed channel changes etc. (in fact, when I input 3-digit channel numbers there were series of 3 cracking noises in earphones).

And when I press NEXT last time… WMC bring me back to the page where the signal source can be chosen: S-Video, Composite etc. And detect S-Video signal and shows small TV picture. And after some seconds, WMC turn off and restart – without any changes (or I can’t find any changes).

What I’m doing wrong? Maybe It’s a stupid mistake I repeat each time? Could you help me?
(and sorry for my poor English…)

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