Mouse pointer missing

Discussion of getting WMC to work on Windows 10 (unsupported)
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Mouse pointer missing


Post by DaveEnVelo » Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:12 am

I have just installed Windows 10 Pro in a dual boot configuration as I migrate my WMC use from Windows 7. I then installed version 8.8.4 of WMC for Windows 10 and finally EPG123. The hardware is a Dell XPS8100 with a TBS 6280 Dual DVB-T2/T BDA Tuners. Everything worked great except that the mouse pointer disappeared whenever I was in WMC. My workaround was to use the cursor keys and the enter button but it was very tedious. I thought that there was perhaps some kind of bad interaction with the installed software and WMC but as this was a new installation there was very little installed software.

I then remembered that I had increased the mouse size, to 4. It seems that with my configuration there is a limit of 3. For 3 or below the mouse pointer is as you would expect within WMC but above that is disappears although it is visible in all other applications!

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