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WMC Replacement for Windows 10

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 11:25 am
by mldenison
I'm going to have to move to Windows 10 soon. To get the latest USB 3.1 ports requires a motherboard that only runs Windows 10 since the USB drivers are not available for Windows 7.

This means I've started looking for a WMC replacement that'll run under Windows 10.

I've found this: ... indows-10/

Does anyone here have any experience with this program? How well it works, does it support RecordedTVHD, does the commercial editors work and does EPG123 work.


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Re: WMC for Windows 10

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:41 pm
by unclebun
There's a whole subforum here about that: viewforum.php?f=97&sid=933b618795143bd08ca1d4c62ff4254a

Re: WMC for Windows 10

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:21 pm
by DSperber
What is your TV tuner hardware? What is your source... copy-protected content, or only unprotected copy-freely content?

There is an excellent WMC-replacement that runs in native Win10 named NextPVR. It supports OTA/ATSC TV tuners like Hauppauge products but doesn't support Ceton cablecard-enabled products for copy-protected content, although it does support Ceton tuners used for copy-freely content if that's what your cable company provides. It also utilizes the same Schedules Direct subscription (and channel lineups) that's you're currently using for EPG123, so while EPG123 is no longer used the Guide provided by NextPVR is excellent and has the same accuracy as we get with EPG123 since the source data is the same SD.

I believe NextPVR also supports Ceton cards through the Ceton Win8.1 driver (which install and run fine in Win10), but not for copy-protected content. So if you get copy-freely content from your cable company using Ceton PCIe or ETH tuner, you can use NextPVR with that hardware.

I myself have now completed my own project, which runs Win7 VM guest on a Win10 host through VMWare Workstation Player (free for personal use). I have a Hauppauge WinTV QuadHD OTA/ATSC 4-tuner card fed from roof antenna, as well as a cablecard-enabled Ceton ETH network 6-tuner box fed from Spectrum. I run NextPVR (which does its own nightly Guide updates using the SD feed) in native Win10 to support the QuadHD card (and producing unprotected copy-freely TS files) and I run WMC and EPG123 (which still does its own nightly Guide updates using the SD feed) inside Win7 VM. WMC produces WTV recordings (both copy-protected and copy-freely) which are played back by WMC extenders using "recorded TV" interface. NextPVr produces TS recordings which are played back by WMC extenders using "videos" interface. So both Ceton-produced and Hauppauge-produced recordings are available at extenders.

Because of how Win7 VM works with graphics, you can't watch copy-protected content on the PC monitor screen, but rather only at extenders. And you also cannot watch copy-freely content "live" from WMC. But Copy-freely content from NextPVR can be played back "live" or recorded on the PC monitor screen using NextPVR, or from WMC in Win7 VM using "videos" to play recordings. Copy-freely WTV recorded content from WMC can be played back on the PC monitor screen... it just can't be viewed "live". Again, EVERYTHING recorded by both NextPVR and WMC can be viewed at extenders without any problem, and "live" content from WMC (both copy-protected and copy-freely) can also be viewed at extenders without any problem. NextPVR doesn't support WMC extenders, so you can't watch "live" content from NextPVR except at the PC monitor screen.

The WMC setup for copy-protected content requires the Ceton ETH network tuners which ARE "visible" to Win7 VM, because the alternative internal Ceton PCIe tuner cards are not "visible" to Win7 VM.

You can read all about my own project of WMC in Win7 VM running on a Win10 host in this other thread.

Re: WMC for Windows 10

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:43 pm
by mldenison
Thanks! I'm on the way...