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Consolidated Setup Guide for WMC in Windows 10 1803

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:43 pm
by joelkirzner
I just installed Windows 10 Home and would like someone to post a consolidated list of the latest WMC download links and instructions.

I'm not sure which version of WMC will work... 8, 12, etc.

I have two HD Homerun Primes.

I tried a version posted on MyDigitalLife, but I can't get WMC to detect any tuners, plus I'm getting decoder errors with existing recorded tv shows on my network.

I don't want to install old versions of windows 10.
Is there a working WMC version with the latest April update?


Re: Consolidated Setup Guide for WMC in Windows 10 1803

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:42 am
by cwinfield
Uh... Cablecard tuners do not work post build 1586. This is due to playready 3 causing DRM no longer to work.

Re: Consolidated Setup Guide for WMC in Windows 10 1803

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:14 am
by choliscott
Hello, I don't believe that anybody will post a full consolidated list of what to download and instructions. Like everybody else, you will probably need to read the long thread over at MDL. That being said, I will post some bullet points

If you want to be able to fully use the Prime, you will need to use an earlier build of W10 and turn updates off. It's been a while since I last tried using W10 with MC, but these are the instructions I followed (From MDL) to get extenders to work. The W10 MC version I used was 12. The build of W10 is the one I also used. ... st-1218317

- You will need to use an earlier version of Silicon Dust Drivers (Aug 2017 time frame). Later versions are not detected in WMC in W10.
- The build of Win10 I used allowed for watching/recording of premium/copy once channels. Later W10 builds, broke this functionality and cable card tuner requires the use of a 3rd party program, such as DVB Link so WMC can detect the tuner, but you can no longer watch/record premium/copy once channels.. This being said, I'm not sure if more recent versions of W10 broke the ability to use Dvb Link. This all being said, someone else would need to mention if Ceton infinityTV card drivers have the same issue with more recent builds of W10
- The most up to date W10 WMC version is 8.8.1

You mentioned you installed W10 home. I want to say, that I read something that Home will still work, but would have a lot easier setup experience with W10 Pro

I would probably recommend using W7 for the time being. Support is still active for a couple of more years. (I would say even W8.1, but WMC was an additonal $10 which can no longer be purchased) EPG123 is great for being able to bring in channel guide data. I assume you have a W7 license that you could use? With later versions of 10, it seems to be a "cat and mouse" game of someone finding a workaround, and MS "fixing" the workaround.

This would help to give more time to explore other DVR options, such as Emby Dvr and SiliconDust DVR.

Re: Consolidated Setup Guide for WMC in Windows 10 1803

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:05 am
by joelkirzner
Thanks for your input.
Yeah, I'll probably just keep using Windows 7 for the time being.
I bought an Alienware Alpha R2, which runs on the Skylake chips... so installing Windows 7 off a USB 3 port has been, um, a nightmare. I can't get it to install.
It's very frustrating to deal with all this.
Honestly, none of the other media center type apps are as simple to use as WMC.
I installed Media Portal today and I still can not get the guide set up correctly.