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Media Portal Guide server for WMC

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:22 am
by jachin99
As an alternative to attempting a WMC install on WHS 2011, I have been toying around with TV 4 Home, which is a media portal TV server for WHS 2011. The project is hosted on code plex which is shutting down so I thought I would download the source code before it vanishes. After browsing around said code, I discovered there was a setup file for a WMC client inside of it. This could be one way to bypass the problems with Win 10 Cable card issues if someone were to take up building it as a project. I've built on program before, and I'll give it a try but I think this is pretty far beyond what I can do. The TV 4 Home WHS plugin is also compatible with the current version of Media Portal BUT because MP has rolled over to a newer version of My sql, I cannot view my channel lineups in it. I'm not sure how that would effect any WMC client I might be able to build. Successfully pulling this off would mean that we don't have to rely on BDA support in WMC 10.