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WMC was removed! (Win 10 1703)

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:38 am
by 1ST1
Hello, yesterday in the evening I discovered a weird strange thing... I am running WMC on my Win 10 1703 mediacenter PC. Usually it is doing at least one recording per day. As it is working reliable I am not looking after it every day. It records to a shared folder so I also can watch recorded TV from other machines where WMC is installed.

Yesterday eveneing I wanted to watch with my notebook from bedroom something what should have been recorded during the past days by WMC. But the recording was not there. Last recording was on 22nd of october 2017, so a week ago. I found that strange. So I remotely logged into the mediacenter PC to see what's wrong. The first thing I discovered was that the mediacenter icon on the desktop was replaced by a default icon. I double clicked it and Windows told me that it could not find the application on that folder.

So I discovered in explorer that the complete c:\windows\ehome folder had been removed. There was no major Windows update these days, currently there is no further update. Strange!

I tryed to reinstall using the V12 and V87 packet which I previosly used on different occations to install the package again, but none of them worked. After some try&error I managed to reinstall and getting it working again with a modified install script (the one in the bin folder) from the V87 installer which bypasses all initial checks. It's working again, all settings are still there, but now the mediacenter is no more able to download regional tv informations from internet.

Any idea? Anybody has the same issue?

Re: WMC was removed! (Win 10 1703)

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:28 am
by choliscott
What tuner are you using & do you have updates disabled?

I do know the W10 version to use was 10586 1511 & to turn off any updates. If I remember correctly any updates after this version pretty much disables media center or at least the ability to see tuners.

Re: WMC was removed! (Win 10 1703)

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:32 pm
by 1ST1
I am using a DVBS2 twin tuner card, technotrend tt-budhet 4200 with bds driver. This one is just working fine with WMC and DVB-Viewer+Kodi. And the regular monthly windows updates usually don't remove WMC. WMC only is removed on the halfyearly major updates, like redstone or creators update. My HTPC installed to 1703 in April. Since last recording on 22th oct. there was no update which has been installed, I just had a look into the proctocol. It's quite misterious.

Re: WMC was removed! (Win 10 1703)

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:09 am
by Crash2009
Not absolutely positive that Win10 does this...but I wouldn't be surprised if Win10's antivirus updates things without our knowledge, in the spirit of 911 Security update.

In the past we experienced this with Win7, even though updates were turned off in the GUI, MSE continued to update daily. Surprise , Surprise, they were using MSE's updates as a back door to install whatever they want. One night they came in and erased all my restore points, had to restore from off site DVD

Disable Update Service was the only stop I found.

I looked at.... (I forget the name atm) an image editor recently, that gave me the option to remove many windows components such as Edge, Telemetry, etc. might be the only way to save WMC. Slice and Dice Win10 ... kit.50572/

Tit for Tat.

MSMG removing Edge ... st-1249099