Media Center EPG Update (from Microsoft) - 10/15/2015

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Media Center EPG Update (from Microsoft) - 10/15/2015


Post by JonFincher » Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:01 am

Hi everyone:

I'm back, with regrets for the delay in posting. Long story short, my team lost a member (that's 33% of my team gone), which means lots of extra work to pick up the slack. Most of what my team does is not WMC, and everything's getting shorter time slices from me. Sadly, that means posting in the forum and replying to PM's were prioritized down the stack until now.

On the plus side, actually addressing the issues reported was not, and it looks like we have found the source of the EPG delivery issues you have been seeing. We've been making changes on the EPG servers, and those changes appear to have resolved this issue in our lab and local self-hosting. These changes went into effect late last week, and I've noticed that more recent posts on the ... =96&t=8903 thread have indicated some folks are seeing EPG data again. Hopefully that will include everyone over the next few days.

If you haven't seen new EPG come in yet, then I recommend you follow the steps in my original post ( ... =96&t=8903, message #1), and if necessary, the troubleshooting steps in my August update ( ... =96&t=9179).

As for data quality issues, we are still collating, reporting, and working on them as we see them. While I haven't yet responded to the PM's I've gotten, I have sent those reports on to the team owning the data quality. Please keep the data quality issue reports coming - we'll keep working on them as we see them.

--Jon, MSFT