NEW to Win10 (Intel NUC) and EPG123 - error occurs using TWEAK WMC

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NEW to Win10 (Intel NUC) and EPG123 - error occurs using TWEAK WMC


Post by nokaoi77 » Sat Oct 26, 2019 11:16 pm


First, newbie here on this forum...looking forward to participating when possible.

At this moment, I have an issue I am hoping someone might be able to help/direct me towards correction or resolution.

Utilizing Windows 10 "Pro", a newly installed version of Windows Media Center using the following web search results page:

yes, i am aware that WMC is not formally supported under Windows 10 - from everything I've read, thats appears to be the consensus, but also certain installations apparently work fine too.

I used the following resource to get WMC onto my Windows 10;

the DOWNLOAD filename for WMC, its name is:

Media Center "appears" to have installed, and starts up...but I've gone no further than just clicking its icon and seeing the main screen, then closing.

But, when I downloaded and installed EPG123 v1.2.20.0 (epg123Setup_v1.2.20.0.exe), which also seems to have installed fine.

In attempting to using the much preferred TWEAK WMC tool, to my advantage due to having a total of 15 HDHomeRun Tuners...5 HDHomeRun Prime boxes, utilizing 5 Comcast Cards - 1 in each....thus receiving usable 3 signals/tuners each unit (5 units x 3 tuners =15 total tuners)

Upon clicking the WMC Tweaks "Increase tuner limits to 32 per tuner type" (INCREASE) button...

I get an error window that instantly appears, as follows;

Titled: Unknown Error
The tuner limit increase tweak failed to get applied

Attempting a resolve myself, I cannot seem to find anything helpful nor related. Not sure how/why this is occurring, as in the past 1-2 months.

I have been utilizing a similar process/solution, albeit via an OLDER EPG version and also on Windows 7 Ultimate OS, it has been working, seemingly just fine without known issues.

I am trying to build a MINI HTPC utilizing the Intel NUC platform, installed the Windows 10 Pro and EPG versions above, last night...
This morning, tried to TWEAK WMC and fails.

If this helps in any way...
The Intel NUC hardware properties include:
Freshly installed and activated Windows 10 Pro (no updates performed, yet) - attempting to get base working first, then will get into updates
Intel Celeron CPU J4005 2.00Ghz
64-bit OS, x64 based processor
CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB RAM
Western Digital 500GB SSD

System has been on and used for about 5 days straight, nothing obviously wrong, no other errors, etc. thus far as I am only in early stages, I would hope not.

Thanks in advance, for anyone's help, assistance, guidance, support, directions, etc...

Have a great day!

Best wishes.

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