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DVBGuide for Windows XP

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:01 pm
by daveh28
I can get DVBGuide to work on my Windows 7 Mediacentre, however, I cant make it work on my Windows XP MCE2005.
It downloads channel data from the UK Crystal Palace transmitter saving it to a 14Mb xml file.
On running MCGuideLoad it encrypts the data but then gives the error "Failed to load guide."

Any ideas on how to make it work, please?

Windows event viewer shows the following error.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Media Center Guide
Event Category: None
Event ID: 0
Date: 08-03-2017
Time: 17.58.32
User: N/A
Event Info: Unexpected error during load: System.FormatException: Bad file format. Cant find section
at Microsoft.Ehome.Epg.Helper.XmlHelper.ReadToSection(XmlReader Reader, String SectionName)
at Microsoft.Ehome.Epg.Loader.Xml.GuideXmlLoader.Run(Object[] arrArgs)
at Microsoft.Ehome.Epg.Loader.GuideLoadManager.LoadImp()
Process: MCGuideLoad.exe
Object Name: Media Center Guide

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: c8 51 8c df 1a 0e c4 d0 ÈQ?ß..ÄÐ
0008: 33 23 bc 38 19 53 88 01 3#¼8.S?.
0010: 04 30 bd 7b b3 b0 38 0f .0½{³°8.
0018: fd 8c ff bd 9f bf e2 20 ý?ÿ½?¿â
0020: e1 2b 85 90 d3 39 b0 41 á+?Ó9°A
0028: 75 29 d0 34 18 92 13 f6 u)Ð4.?.ö
0030: d5 69 e3 57 1f b7 ae 01 ÕiãW.·®.
0038: ca f4 dd 5d 2c 1d 76 70 ÊôÝ],.vp
0040: 95 e9 bb 87 7b 45 a6 8e ?é»?{E¦?
0048: d6 73 6f 57 0a 21 61 28 ÖsoW.!a(
0050: 81 3f e6 ee 9c e9 d3 79 ?æî?éÓy
0058: 96 52 dc f4 01 cc c1 d9 ?RÜô.ÌÁÙ
0060: b9 25 7b 9e be 0c 5e a4 ¹%{?¾.^¤
0068: f7 98 8d d4 a9 99 52 cb ÷?Ô©?RË
0070: 2b 02 a4 b7 4c d8 3b 65 +.¤·LØ;e
0078: 9e 07 88 3d 25 67 2c bf ?.?=%g,¿

Many thanks!

Re: DVBGuide for Windows XP

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:57 pm
by daveh28
I meant to say that I've already emailed the two addresses I could find for DVBGuide, but have had no response.

The first few lines of the xml file are as follows:

<epg_data supplier="DVBGuide" supplier_info="DVB broadcast EPG captured by DVBGuide" start_time="2017-02-24T00:00:00" end_time="2017-03-04T07:00:00" language="en" schema_version="1.1" file_version="9196782" supplierId="1" headendNetworkType="TER" headendId="12339" headend_name="DVB-T - London" ads_required="0">
<copyright>DVBGuide © Copyright 2017 Conquest Consultants
EPG data copyright owned by broadcaster</copyright>
<tuneRequests ct="359" xmlns:sql="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-sql" xmlns:xsi="">
<tr xsi:type="trGenericType" number="0">
<s name="BBC ONE South" call_sign="BBC ONE South" id="4163" ppv="0" />
<tr xsi:type="trGenericType" number="1">
<s name="BBC ONE Lon" call_sign="BBC ONE Lon" id="4164" ppv="0" />


Hope this helps!