DVB Link being droped for TV Mosaic No MC Network Client

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DVB Link being droped for TV Mosaic No MC Network Client


Post by MediaCenterCastError » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:26 pm

Hi All

I run what i consider to be the best Home TV setup based around Windows Media Center + DVBLink Server on the main Desktop/ Server (The one with the TV Cards in) and a bunch of NUC's places in most rooms in the house.

Runing winmdows 10 held at 1607 version with Media Center installed on all devices everything works beautifullly. I have DVB Link configured perfectly on the main desktop / server using the windows Media Center Network client it serves TV to all the NUC's. I have figured out how to get Recorded TV Broker to work so you can set shows to record off the original guide and they move across onto the server so anyone in any room can set shows to record. I have setup special tiles for Netflix and other services and using Emby on server with Server WMC plugin and more custom tiles i have it so anyone using the NUC's can check whats going to be recorded on the main desktop while using the NUC's.

So I had a bit of a shock the other day when I went to the DVB Link website to find they have ditched DVB Link which is now being replaced with TV Mosaic which has lots of probably great new features but obviously does not have a Media Center Network Client so there is no way I'll be using it. They are still suporting DVB Link until the end of 2018 but after that I have no idea whats going to happen.

My two main problems are:-

1) DVB Link uses a licensing scheme that uses a hardware fingerprint so in the future if i upgrade my desktop how am I going to get the software licensed if the activation servers are off and EVB Link have given up on it?
2) Once you install DVBLink you download the extra parts you need TV Source, IPTV etc and again how are they going to install?

So I'm thinking of buying a new desktop as windows 1607 works with all the latest chipsets I'm told and buy new licenses and Acronis image it all up so I can keep this setup running for the next decade. Maybe there ia a way to get it to work in a virtual machine I can import into all new desktops. Anyone else at a loss on the news?

Best Regards



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Post by multirotor » Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:07 am


I just registered to reply.

I have a similar setup to yours but entirely Win7 based.

I am using Xbox360's as extender but they consume way too much power (250 watts) and are limited to 720p.
So I have now configured a NUC, or actually an HP T620 thin client running Win7 (16 watts) and the Dvblink Network Client.
Works pretty good.

I am trying to find the Recorded TV Broker but I can't find it anywhere. Any links ?

I have recently replaced the hard drive in my central server with the tuners and this triggered the Dvblink re-licensing.
I have used Macrium Reflect to clone the smaller disk to a bigger one.

I had to contact the Dvblink support to get re-licensed.
I too was worried about the "end of support" but they ensured me I will be able to get a new license for Dvblink TVSource 6 "for as long as their company exists".

So, I don't think we will be able to run for the next decade based on an image backup.

Best Regards,


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