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Classic Media Browser plugin & Podcasts icon

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:04 pm
by mercalia
Sorry if this has been posted before
I still use the original Media Browser plugin still use this in a Windows 7 Media Center installation. Works well but one thing that has irriated me is the inability to associate an icon with the the Podcast entry in the menu list along the bottom ( typically). There is though an easy work around. Find the folder that contains all your podcast references in the C:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser folder make a copy of this some where and rename it "Podcasts" and rename the original eg "Podcasts Original" or some thing so that it wont appear in MB. Then make a new entry using Media Browser Configurator and point it to the new folder you made, you can then associate an icon with the new folder as normal - you can rename the new item to "Podcasts" so it appears as normal. Every things work as it should