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EMU Center


Post by jachin99 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:07 pm

I'm starting a thread for EMU Center because I use it, and i want to share what I know about it with others. I have set this up to successfully work with Dolphin Emulator, and I've even gotten Emu Center to show cover art for my titles. I chose Emu Center because it its a native MCML WMC plugin so the page layouts, and controls will be familiar to anyone uses WMC regularly already. The downside to emu center so far has been that I have to manually add titles and cover art, and the menus in emu center setup are some what counter intuitive if you have been working with newer emulation programs but because I have a small library of games this isn't a big deal for me. I'm willing to share how I have set this up if anyone is interested. I never activated the software because i don't believe that is possible.

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Post by DavidinCT » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:29 pm

The site has a "pay" option, I forget what it does but, it's why I went with Emulation Station. The programs EMU Center and Emulation Station kind of work the same. Edit for a type of emulator and show the games but, the Emulation Station interface is far more slick looking and with ReLanuch, it's easy to get it in WMC.

The only downfall, Emulation Station you need to edit XML files to configure it as Emu Center has a GUI... ES does have a HUGE fan base, so getting support (when your having an issue), is rather easy if you know where to look. If you know some basic XML editing, it's fairly easy, you can search and replace, etc, so very easy to setup over all after a lot of reading.



Unlockable Features

A payment or donation to EMUCenter unlocks several options, including the ability to store 'favourite' roms so you don't need to search through large rom collections, and the option to open EMUCenter in a filter view, rather than having to load the complete list of every ROM you own.

and Emulation Station...


Different options if you want to turn your WMC into a Emulator system as well as a HTPC.... Watching video takes very little resources, so if you have a powerful system your just wasting it. Might as well use it for a little classic gamer. My i5 from 2014 runs even Wii games and everything in-between.

Anyone else using EMUCenter or Emulation Station (Windows version) ?
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