Channels Live TV iOS App FREE

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Channels Live TV iOS App FREE


Post by Space » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:55 am

Hurry up and get this while it's free! (EDIT: no need to hurry, it was made permanently free).

I just noticed this app (Channels - Live TV) is free today (normally $14.99) and it looks like it is the first time it has been free.

I didn't know anything about it, but I check for free iOS apps every day and added this one to my account.

I started it up and amazingly it worked without any configuration.

It allows you to watch live TV, using the HDHomerun as the source. It links up with free Gracenote guide data so it is easy to see what's on each channel.

If you ever watch live TV and want to do so on your iOS device, this looks like a great app. It even has quick skip forward/back functions (not sure how far back you can go, but website says 90 minutes). I don't really watch live TV much, so I'm not aware of the other options out there, but I did test a few apps that allowed you to view HDHomerun streams in the past, and they did not work very well. This one just worked, with NO setup at all, I am impressed.

Unfortunately, as I expected, it does not allow you to view copy protected programming.

It also mentions a "Channels DVR" which appears to be a separate product to record TV using the HDHomerun (appears to be server software that runs on your home computer or NAS), but I don't know much about it, although from the list of features it doesn't look bad (it even has commercial indexing so you can skip them easily).

More info here:


Did a little more research and found out that this is not a temporary price drop, it is permanently free, so no need to rush... Still appears to be a great app for live TV. It looks like they are trying to sell their DVR service which has a $8 monthly fee, but if you just want live TV with a 90 minute pause buffer (I love the swipe left to jump back and swipe right to jump forward) on your iOS device, this works just fine and for free.

Channels for iOS is Now Free: ... free/11974


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Post by jachin99 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:51 pm

Yea, I see a lot of talk about channels, especially for IOS and android. It looks like a really good little app, and it seems a lot easier than trying to dig up abandoned WMC plugins to watch TV on your tablet. I don't use apple stuff or channels but If I ever switch from WMC to android I'm looking at channels.

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Post by IT Troll » Sun Mar 31, 2019 7:34 am

The Channels app is nice but their subscription pricing for DVR is rather high at $8 per month. You need to have a HDHomeRun tuner and run your own server so all you really get from the $8 is the guide data and use of the apps.

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