Controling your media center: Antec Veris Basic

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Controling your media center: Antec Veris Basic


Post by mercalia » Thu May 02, 2019 3:46 pm

I see some one in the USA has got hold of some Antec Veris Basic modules for not much money. A bargain if you live in the USA but even with postage to eg thte UK amounts to what they cost here new in the first place

The module fits into a floppy size bay or a standard 5.25" one with adapter ... SwxXRbX-Yk

these are really good as they hook into the hardware and allow you to turn the PC on and off ( standby or completely off) ( not just off ) and come with software that allows you to programme a MC remote to control other softwares and also modify what the remote buttons do. It comes with a simple remote to get your started. I have 3 of these already bought some time ago and wouldnt be without them. In effect turns your media centerbox into a settop box. I have found the software to be very reliable and been using this now for many years. Its a unique product.

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