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Ceton Inifinitv 4 board revision

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 4:38 am
by Spektre
I have 3 InfinitV 4 PCIe cards to pick from to install in my next machine.

All 3 boards are different. As in their layout is not similar. Is there anyway to identify the revision of the PCB used on the Ceton cards? I guess I would like to install the latest one. One of them is my launch card, but I have no way of dating the other 2 (and boy are all 3 different).

Re: Ceton Inifinitv 4 board revision

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:59 pm
by jaimeknapp
From the back side of the board there are three items to compare between those you have that should tell you which is newest one:
1 - The 16-pin DIP should have a sticker "Ceton 4550 (A or B)
2 - A sticker "SMT797..." is the board assembly version (?)
3 - A sticker "A500....." is the serial number, I think

I am not certain (this is all just from my relatively limited experience), but I recall that there were some OEM oddball boards made to work with non-standard PC hardware and/or Windows. If you have run the Ceton Installer on a target PC, The Ceton InfiniTV Diagnostic Tool will show the board's hardware and firmware versions. I assume these are all used, so note that the earlier on-board memory was a point of failure that is often visible when trying to update the board's BIOS. Hopefully, you will have one that will have, or update to Firmware Version That is likely a more important factor than its Hardware Version in determining a more functional board.

Re: Ceton Inifinitv 4 board revision

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:59 pm
by Spektre
It's weird that all 3 boards are laid out so differently. Almost as if they went back to the drawing board each time.

Anyway, of the 2 boards I had in hand:

Board 1: Firmware:, Hardware: 6210, Sticker: 2767G, S/N: 5003xxxxxxxxx, P/N: 7000076306
Board 2: Firmware:, Hardware: 6829, Sticker: 2770C, S/N: 5101xxxxxxxxx, P/N: 7000083202

For everything except firmware, Board 2 appeared newer. I was able to flash this board to the latest firmware.


Neither of the boards allow the system to shutdown properly. Both of them hang. I have tried both cards on 2 separate manufacturer Ryzen B450 chipset motherboards. Technically, neither of these boards is made for Windows 7, but they shutdown fine when the Ceton boards are not installed. Something is hanging and not allowing a proper shutdown.

The media system generally stays on 24/7 so this is not a huge problem, but I think my Ceton tuner days are about at an end.

Re: Ceton Inifinitv 4 board revision

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 3:37 pm
by jaimeknapp
Personally, for a dedicated Media Center platform, I would have used a much earlier generation motherboard designed for Windows 7. However, you may be using the machine for other things as well that would benefit from the newer generation hardware where Media Center would not.

As you might already suspect, there may be an issue with the PCIe implementation on your B450. Aside from the shutdown issue, if it otherwise functions sufficiently, I would use your newer Board 2 for as long as you can.