Telestar DIGIBIT R1

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Telestar DIGIBIT R1


Post by RobsterUK » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:27 am

Does anyone have any experience with Telestar DIGIBIT R1 network tuners - ... ver-944064

I am going to have to replace my (UK) Sky dish as the LNB has stopped working. So I am thinking that I should get a Unicable LNB (combined with legacy ports).
With a Unicable feed the above tuner would provide multiple available streams through out the network.

I'm just a bit unsure of the compatability of such a device with WMC. Presumably you need to install some kind of device driver or software to detect the network streams.
Or is it a case of having to setup TVHeadend or something along those lines to get the streams into WMC?

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