Force W7MC to record HD version

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Force W7MC to record HD version


Post by mrsilver » Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:34 pm

I've just realised that W7MC is recording television from the SD channels rather than preferring HD.

For example, "Strictly Come Dancing" was recorded from BBC1 (channel 1) - despite the fact that it was also shown at the same time on BBC1HD (channel 101).

Is there a simple setting I've missed for this?

The thought of trawling through all scheduled recordings and changing them to "record on any channel" is not only a lot of work but has a high probability of getting me a tonne of older episodes which are run on other channels.


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Post by choliscott » Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:31 pm

A couple of options:

1) If your lineup has SD channel and HD Channel of the same station, remove the SD version from your channel line up in the channel guide settings. In the guide settings you can sort either by channel number or station name
2) Go to your recording setup and tell it to only record HD only.


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Post by Space » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:36 pm

How is your current recordings scheduled?

I have pretty much all my Series recordings set to record from a specific channel (this is what it's set to do by default), it will only record from the channel I used to set the recording. I also disable all SD channels that have an HD equivalent so that they are never chosen to record from even for Series I have set that are not for a specific channel (usually PBS shows where they can air on one of a few PBS channels).

In any case, there is also a setting for "HD preferred" or "HD only" that you can set, but I believe this is only as good as your guide data. If the episode/show in the guide has the proper "HD" tag, then it is considered HD, if it doesn't then it is considered SD, regardless of if the actual show is SD or HD. So you are at the mercy of your guide data provider.

For instance, in the US, the show "Big Brother" lagged behind all the other shows in that it was the last show to go HD when all the other shows were already HD for years (I am guessing due to the expense of buying all new HD cameras for the house, since there are dozens of cameras). Even though the show has been broadcasting in HD for several years now, the Rovi guide still does not have it marked as HD, so for this show, using the "HD only" setting would never work.

If you have a mix of HD and SD programming on the same channel, and it is possible that a particular show can air in either HD or SD, and you only want to record it if it is HD, then the "HD only"/"HD preferred" method may be the only way to do it other than manually setting the HD recording to record.

I never have to deal with this since on my cable system, there are HD channels and there are SD channels, so I only record from the HD channels. The easiest way to do this is find the show in the guide on the HD channnel (not the SD channel) and then set the Series from it, it should default to recording from that channel only (I think that is the default, but I may have changed the default to be this, I don't remember). This way it will only record this show from that specific channel, which is an HD channel. You can disable all your SD channels in the guide to make it easier to never accidentally choose the SD version of the channel. The only SD channels that I don't disable in the guide are those that don't have an HD equivalent. Any channel disabled in the guide will not be recorded from.


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Post by prouton » Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:39 am

Whenever I've set up a cable based WMC, these are the steps I do under Setup / TV:

1- select the proper provider listings for my area
2- identify which channels have both SD and HD equivalents and make a list
3- deselect the SD channels found in the list
4- move the HD channels in the list to the SD channel number (swap the channels - the deselected SD channels stay deselected even though they are now numbered 1002, 1004, etc)

After that, I can still use the lower numbers that make more sense (this is essential for my father and step-mother).

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