WMC will only scans in a few channels

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WMC will only scans in a few channels


Post by kwilly717 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:31 pm

My Cable provider changed ClearQam channel line up! WMC will not correctly rescan the channels now! I've spent hours trying to figure out how to manually edit the channels. On both systems, WMC will add a channel then remove a channel. The channel count will increases then decreases. It's like the file can only hold 10 or 15 channels out of hundreds.
Win8.1 system has WinTV-HVR-1850 and WinTV8 is able to scan channels, names are messed up on a few. A total of 99 scanned
Win7 has a KW-UB435-Q V3 usb device. TotalMedia is able to scan all the clear channels. A total of 230 scanned.

All my Televisions are able to scan the channels off the same cable. My jvc combo dvd/vhs combo locks up if I switch to channel 55.1 cnbc and requires a power disconnect. Cable provider is messing with me ... ouch!!

WMC I've tried adding 2.1 HBO but it think 2.1 is OWN yet on TV OWN is 71.1
I've installed egp123 and tried several things. I was able to add the guide for my cable provider Zip 82901 All West RS.. Did a rescan and WMC still not able to play all but a few of the channels, most of those have dif ch number to what TV has them as.

I Added channels using egp123 yet WMC says no signal for that added channel. I unchecked the source for other 2.1 yet no HBO and other 2.1 listed channels.. Set Qam 256 ect .. WMC reports no signal. I'm guessing have wrong or no Freq assigned.

I wish there was a way to manually edit the WMC channel number, name, freq, station ID source ect. EPG123 is able to read the WMC channel scanned and shows the list on the Left window.. wish I could fix the wrong numbers, freq, Id and such WMC uses.
Been at this a few days now .. about to give up with WMC for good ... Help! I'd subscribe to scheduledirect if this could be fixed.

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