Recast functionality?

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Recast functionality?


Post by Roginator » Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:47 pm

I've had a Win 7 Media Center setup since forever. When the Recast came out I had hopes it would eventually replace WMC. Alas, no commercial skipping and reduced picture quality on the Recast. I've been getting OTA* and cable content through a couple HDHomeruns. *only the two nearest stations are available via antenna downstairs.

I realized the other day I have all the parts needed to solve my problem. After I got the Recast, I got a Google mesh system. One of the pucks is hardwired to my old WMC computer upstairs. That's where my antenna gets all the local channels. Also attached to that computer is a Hauppauge 2-tuner USB device. I just needed some good way to move the recorded files to my main computer downstairs.

After screwing around with various syncing apps, I found Microsoft's SyncToy works! Setting it up to run every 5 minutes, it seems to work just fine. The mesh router sends it downstairs to a separate folder at up to around 320Mbps, so it only takes a short time for it to show up. When I'm done watching a show on main computer, I delete it there and it is automatically deleted on the upstairs computer within the next 5 minutes.

Note: I usually wait until a show has ended and comskip processing is done before watching - so watching during recording wasn't an issue for me.

I need to see if I can get SyncToy to work successfully upon recording completion instead of at every 5-minute interval.

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