WMC not recording shows - resolved!

WMC not recording shows - resolved!

Post#1 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:33 pm

For months I have had a problem where I've scheduled shows to be recorded in WMC (showed up in the scheduler) but they were never recorded. My problem was resolved when I went into the Windows Media Center Scheduler Service and changed the Logon from a specific account to "Local System Account".

Here is how to do that:

Click Start , and type Administrative tools in the Search box.
Click Administrative tools in the search results.
Double-click Services.
Scroll down the Services list and find Windows Media Center Scheduler Service.
Right-click Windows Media Center Scheduler Service, and then click Properties.
Click the Log On tab, and then select Local System account.
Click Apply, and then click OK on the Services message.
Restart the computer.

Once I did this my scheduled recordings starting working again. Thought I would put this out there in case anyone else is experiencing this problem.
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