Windows 8.1 Media Center Upgrade

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Windows 8.1 Media Center Upgrade


Post by AkhiMertail » Fri Jun 04, 2021 3:47 am

I can't find my key anymore, does anyone know what the email was sent as or have an extra/know where to buy them still? Maybe it's not worth the struggle since there's a work around to get it on 10, but my HD Homerun was having a few issues with that and extenders on 10.


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Post by technodevotee » Fri Jun 04, 2021 11:51 am

Isn't there a keyfinder that would 'discover' the key for you?

I don't think Windows 10 would work in your situation, especially if you want extenders as you would be stuck with version 1511 at the latest and would have to completely disable updates.

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