WMC fights with windows update...and loses

WMC fights with windows update...and loses

Post#1 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:29 pm

My recordings used to occur without fail, then something changed. I have had this issue for years and cant resolve it, so I'd thought I'd ask here. I have 2 Win 8.1 systems, both exhibit the same problem which manifests itself as tuners not found when a recording is scheduled or when using Guide. I use HDHR prime tuners connected through FIOS router over moca to PC, in one case, and WiFi in the other.

I have traced this problem to the inability of WMC to pause windows update before it starts recording. (I assume its WMC, maybe its HDHR drivers?) During successful recordings, I can see in the event manager where Updates is paused before the recording and then restarted afterwards. During unsuccessful recordings there are 3 rounds of pause/restart before the recording was to begin where Updates refuses to pause. WMC then fails to connect to tuners from then on. A reboot fixes things.

I have set Updates to never and disabled the Update service. I am not sure how the problem is occurring with the exception that Windows Defender still expects frequent updates and may be initiating the problem.

One other clue is that I set my computers to Sleep when they timeout. I have noticed that the problem is most likely to occur when the PC wakes up to do the recording. It seems as though something then insists on doing an update and refuses to be deterred. I have the Maintenance time set for early morning, but the issue persists. I notice that Defender gets updates at various times throughout the day when enabled.

My next try is to set PCs to run continually so that there is less chance of interference. Everything used to work just fine, but now I'm dropping recordings even more frequently.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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Post#2 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:36 pm

dlpalumbo wrote:
I use HDHR prime tuners connected through FIOS router over moca to PC, in one case, and WiFi in the other.

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Post#3 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:06 pm

As an update I thought I'd report that after having let my PC run 24/7 that the frequent tuner outages have stopped. I had disabled Update service and set updates to never but conflicts persisted. I assume that Windows Defender is persistent in trying to get updates when it wants one and somehow wont pause when requested. I can understand that allowing the process to be paused would be a security vulnerability.

So I reasoned that leaving PC on all day and re-enabling the update service would allow the update service to do its thing early morning as scheduled.

My only regret is that the PC is a gaming platform and burns more power when idle than a media PC.

If only SiliconDust would get their DVR service able to record copy protected broadcasts I could set up a NAS.

Thanks for listening,

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Post#4 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:53 pm

Try to remove defender... I use my machine as a dedicated HTPC...No extras, not even web browsing... So no anti-virus or updates.... Bullet proof system, scheduled reboot for once a week, keeps everything smooth.

I DO NOT suggest removing anti-virus if you are using the machine for MORE than just TV (even if you do part time web browsing on the machine, you should have something)
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Post#5 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:13 am

Yeah, defender will open the doors to critical updates, even if you are set to decline.

Disable the windows update service should have completely shutdown WU and Defender. Go into services, double click windows update, turn off, and disable, save and get out.

You can also disable using cmd line. Google it.

I would think defender could be Uninstalled in features, there are also tools to remove features from features by editing the install image. I forget the name at the moment.

Might be something else trying to update.....chrome? Adobe.? Game?
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